The PREP Stage
In this stage, we are preparing the truck for the body and paint work. All of the trim, mouldings, badges, etc. have to be removed. Removal was rather easy as a small bladed flat head screw driver was used to slightly lift up the trim and "pop" it away from the retaining clips. Some sections were also secured by nuts which were accessible at the back side of the doors and fenders. Only a couple of the clips were broke during this process. All of the trim came off without damage. The wheel well mouldings gave the hardest time. I guess after sitting for 16 years exposed to what ever the tires can kick up, the screws were pretty much set in. After soaking them in Kroil for several hours, all but one section released (as can be seen in the bottom photos). This will have to be removed at the shop. I also found out something very interesting about my truck during this stage. The driver side clips were held in by screws instead of rivets and the badges were on by doubled sided tape (not factory). I came to the conclusion that it must have been in some kind of accident prior to my purchasing it but was never revealed to me. (see pics)
To provide for a more "cleaner" look, the trim and mouldings will not be re-installed on the vehicle. As well, the antenna has been removed and the fender will be shaved. A power antenna will be installed under the dash.
Also during this time, we want to identify any "hot spots" that will need addressing at the body shop. I was a litle surprised that only a few items were found considering the age and use of the truck.
LEFT: This is the drivers side fender. Notice the tape pattern which held the badges in place. Instead of one solid piece, there are three single pieces. Also, there were (6) holes for the RamCharger emblem and only (1) for the LE150 emblem. On a factory fender, there are three and two respectively.

RIGHT: This is a clip located on the same driver side front fender. Notice how it is held in place with a screw rather than a rivot. All the clips on this fender and a couple on the door nearest the fender were secured with screws.

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Driver Side Rear Quarter Panel
Driver Side Wheel Well
Passenger Side Rear Quarter Panel
These items are considered major rust damage. Quarter panels will have to be cut out and patch panels welded in. Fender will be replaced with a new replacement part.
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Rear Drip Rail: This will have to be fabricated as a replacement part can not be found. Could get tricky due to the bends in the metal.
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Passenger Side Door
Left Side Interior Cargo Area
Passenger Side Exterior Cargo Area
These items are minor surface rust and shouldn't be that big of an issue to fix.
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