Priming - part 1
Now that we have it all sanded down, it is time to apply the self etching primer. This is used on bare metal to provide a base for the next coat of automotive primer prior to painting. We had to go ahead a prime it since it was sanded down bare and we still had to wait on the drip rails and patch panels to come in. Didn't want any rust to develop. After they came in, work began to apply the grafs. The quarters were already cut out so all that needed to be done there was to weld, sand, cover and prime. For the drip rail, the rear door had to obviously be removed and then the rail was completely cut out and the new one welded back in. Once it was installed, the welded seam had to be protected. A self leveling sealer was applied. Once dry, it was sanded and primed.  The new fender was also sealed from the shaving, primed and installed also. Now for more sanding to prepare for the next coat of primer.
I had to include a picture of the back off the truck with the door of to show how wide these trucks look with it not on there.

ABOVE: Rear door removed and old drip rail cut out.

BELOW: New drip rail welded in place. Looks original does it not?

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